Jim Solomon has 39 years of field and administrative construction experience in commercial and industrial real estate. From roof top to foundation, Jim understands the complexities of the mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, structural and finish elements of commercial and industrial facilities. Years of “hands on” and administrative experience qualify him as your choice for construction knowledge.

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Building inspections and construction

Rapid design and cost analysis for leasehold improvements

Building permit expertise

Design and buildout expertise

Due diligence during escrow

Building analysis for specific tenant

Building renovation costs and specifications


Emery Investments
Karney Management
Bill Goodglick
Korn and Associates
The Remm Group
MMW Partnership
Space X
• McKinney Capital and Advisory
• Harvey Beesen – Kidder Mathews

Sizzler Corporate Headquarters
Frazee Paint
Reny Med
Irwin Industries
General Dynamics
Sit and Sleep
Hub International
ITT School of Technology
• Mitsumi
• Charles Winn – Daum Realty
• Luke Staubitz – Kidder Mathews